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Friday, September 22, 2006

Mark Hampton's Musashi

From Lebanon, Ohio comes a 1/250 scale R.C. MUSASHI, courtesy of Mark Hampton.

Mark built his Musashi from a Dyosho kit back in 2002. He installed a JR am radio with Msoniks Marine 15 ESC.

The original motor was replaced with a 9-18 volt motor from Radio shack which is geared to drive all 4 propellers, and provides much more torque with higher voltage. It runs on 8 D-cell batteries and has a lifetime of more than 3 hours per charge!

In the future, Mark plans to add smoke to the stack, replace the radio with a 6-channel radio, make the turrets controllable, and maybe adjustable ballast.

For now at least, this Musashi is already a gorgeous piece of work!

To see a video of this Musashi, please go to;

Built By: Mark Hampton
Built: 2002
Overall Length: 42 inches
Overall Width:
Home Waters: in and around Lebanon, Ohio, USA

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